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Base Pest Control Is an indigenous organization established in the year 2008. Since inception, it has developed into one of the leading Pest Control & Fumigation Agencies in Gujarat and further expending its network across India. Now company is associated with and serving more then 150 clients with pleasure. Base has reached out to its every customer demand by expending their presence and offering their services through several offices across India.

Base Pest Control have pleasure to introduce itself as an expertise unit of fumigation also, approved and licensed by Plant Protection Quarantine and Storage, Ministry of agriculture, India. Company offer its services in the various fields of Pest Control. Company have established good reputed among its Clients by serving in best possible manner and now it have over 150 satisfied clients avasiled the fumigation services.

At present we have branches at Rajkot, Ahmedabad, Ankleshwar, Dahej, Bharuch, Kandla, Mundra, Pipavav, Mahuva, Bhavnagar.

The Company

Company Profile

M/s. BASE PEST CONTROL (Govt. Approved) is one of the premier company in the field of Pest Management Services with well managed and highly professional team. Serving organizations with best of quality assurance & providing Healthy & Hygienic environment with its services quality.

BASE Pest Control is not only provides services but also educate its clients about the Services, latest Technologies being used in Services, Pesticides & its health hazards. We use only safe & eco-friendly chemicals duly approved by World Health Organization (WHO) & Central Insecticide Board (CIB) for all our pest control services at a very reasonable price. The chemicals that we use for our pest control services are from the leading manufacturers. We are also well equipped with most advanced world class state-of-art technology to control any kind of pest problems. We carry Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) of all the chemicals that are used for pest control, these can be provided to our clients on demand.

Business Promoter

Miss. Dhara N. Savaliya : A Technical Person of this company. She is mastered in Agro Chemicals & Pest Management has taken the specific training from N.I.P.H.M. (Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh) to understand the problem with pests & best solution to control such problem with in Industries, Commercials & Residential Premises. She worked with Pest Control & Fumigation firms for 5 yrs to understand the market & peoples requirement for Pest Control Services & Fumigation Services for LCL & FCL Shipments. Stack, After having thorough experience in this field; He has taken this venture only.

Mr. Jatin B. Jiyani : : Has Successfully and Completed trained. Under guidance of Miss.Dhara N. Savaliya. He is mastered in Agro Chemicals & Pest Management has taken the specific training from N.I.P.H.M. (Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh).

Our Motto is "Safety and Close Monitoring" -

Safety is our top most priority while servicing your premises. The ratio of pesticide used is minimal compared to conventional spray. The pesticide / chemicals used are environment friendly, odorless and vapourless. You need not vacate the premises during the services. We continuously monitor the effectiveness of control strategy throughout the contract period. We are very committed to our services and believe in having LONG TERM & SATISFYING BUSINESS RELATIONSHIP WITH OUR CUSTOMERS & CLIENTELE.


We are currently working with our most satisfying prestigious clientele i.e. GNFC, KOHLER India Ltd., Gujarat Agrochem Limited, GIL (Gharda), Rallis India Limited (a Tata Enterprise), Norris Medicine, Ganesh Remedies, Rasna Food, etc.


Container Fumigation

It can be fumigated either with Aluminium Phosphide or Methyl Bromide.

In case of Aluminium Phosphide fumigation, the Aluminium Phosphide in the form of sachets containing granules or tablets must be applied in such a manner that it disperses quickly & distribute the Phosphide gas concentration equally. After completion of required exposure period, container must be ventilated & declared as a gas free.

Container fumigation with Methyl Bromide involved installation of fumigation equipment such as Distribution tube, Fan & Sampling tubes at each level i.e. Top back, Middle center & front base. The necessary connections are made such as Vaporizer, Applicator etc. & the required amount of gas is released and monitored during a given exposure period against government specified fumigation norms. After successful fumigation the container is degassed & declared as gas free.

Vessel Fumigation

The general process of fumigation by Aluminium Phosphide is to distribute the naked Aluminium Phosphide tablets by applicators & other means throughout the body of the bulk or loose cargo. In case of bagged cargo, the garlands of Aluminium Phosphide sachets are hanged in the channels or gaps of the stack. Recently, J-Type system of fumigation is becoming more popular for vessel fumigation with Aluminium Phosphide.

In case of Methyl Bromide, all efforts are made to distribute the Methyl Bromide gas in to the Hatches or holds equally at different level such as bottom, center and top by placing tube network before loading. Now a day a blower or fan is also installed in each hatch or hold for the circulation of the atmospheric air in to the hatches. This arrangement also helps in Ventilation of the hatch after the completion of the exposure period.

The use of vaporizer helps in even distribution and dispersion of the Methyl Bromide in hot gaseous state to attain the 100% mortality of the target pest. After ventilation, when the TLV is reached below 5 PPM, we examine the samples from the different areas of the hatches or holds and after satisfactory results the vessel is allowed to sail.

Recirculation System (J-Type)

Uses a combination of tubing and an explosion proof blower motor to recirculate Phosphine gas throughout the hold of the vessel. During transit, the blower forces high gas concentration in the head space to lower parts of the hold.

Pallet Fumigation

This is very vulnerable to powder post beetle and other wood boring pests. This pest is very dangerous & difficult to manage and if any infested WPM is stored near any wooden articles can damage & cross-infest creating tremendous damage to the wood. As per guidelines of ISPM – 15, WPM should be fumigated with Methyl Bromide in compliance with IPPC mark as specified in ISPM-15.

The treatment to control the pest of WPM we follow the guidelines by ISPM – 15 which is recommended by almost all the countries in the Globe.

Prophylactic Spray

Periodical spray of contact insecticides may be done to the storage premises such as Warehouses, Go downs, Truck, and Trolleys etc. against crawling & flying insect pests to prevent cross infestations of the stored cargo. Some special treatment is given to the old used gunny bags which plays a very important role in stored grain pest management programs.

Warehouse Fumigation

Warehouse fumigation involves fumigating the commodities either in loose conditions or packed in bags or other packing, stored in godowns, warehouses, storage which is stationary. Separate stacks are fumigated and then covered with plastic covers (tarpaulins) as having GSM as recommended by the Plant Protection and Quarantine Authority of India and making them gaslight by sealing them using sand snakes.

Our Services

Anti-Termite Treatment

Termite existed over 250 million years ago, belong to order Isoptera. The Latin word Isoptera means equal wings and refers that front set of wings of reproductive termites is similar in size and shape to hind set.

Termites are social insects and can form such large nest, colony consisting of very different looking individuals called as termite caste. Each caste having a different role to perform and all interdependent upon each other for survival of the colony. This includes reproductive castes (Queen and King), soldiers, workers and primary reproductive which are called as Swarmer (winged termite) which occur in spring season.

Termite is the most destructive pest known today by human beings. These are classified into three types viz. Dry Wood, Damp wood and Subterranean Termites. Subterranean termites are the main culprits, causing major structural timber damage to domestic and commercial buildings in India. Subterranean termites live in underground colonies from where they infiltrate into the buildings through tiny cracks and crevices. A gap of just of 0.5mm.is enough for them to gain entry. Once they gain entry they work quickly and silently, moving in the mud shelter tubes and destroys woodwork, furniture, paper products and any article having cellulose base in the search of food.

Woodborer Treatment

Woodborers are also known as Powder Post Beetles. Unlike termites it is equally nuisance pest, which destroys wood. The main sign of infestation is yellowish powder falling from furniture, which is an excreta of organism. Larvae bore the wood and live for years feeding on the wood-creating network of internal tunnels throughout the timber and can quickly reduce it to dust. Powder post beetles mainly belong to following four important families of order Coleoptera.

1) Lyctidae
2) Bostrichidae
3) Anobiidae
4) Cerambycidae

Pure Chemical is injected in the holes created as result of damage caused by woodborers. The entire infested portion is then sprayed and the holes are then plugged with wood wax.

Other Services


1) Fumigation for Containers
2) Fumigation for Air Cargo
3) Fumigation for Food Commodities
4) Fumigation for Godown


We do fumigation as per your requirement i.e. TKD, DADRI, Factory Premises & Warehouses.

House-Flies Control Services

For controlling flies, first we recommend proofing against fly entry i.e. installation of fluorescent PVC strip curtains and insect killers at strategic locations (to be done by the company), to reduce the insecticidal spray. In case of heavy infestation Insecticidal Solution is sprayed (indoor/outdoor) to the garbage areas. Sometimes Hit fly baits also recommended for strategic location for fly control.

Rats Control Services

Rats are some of the most troublesome and damaging rodents in the world. They eat and contaminate food, damage structures and property, and transmit parasites and diseases to other animals and humans. . Moreover, it is a menace which everyone would dislike at their premises. Rodent control should be taken very seriously for a clean atmosphere.

The Advanced Rodent Management Treatment provides a total and effective control against Rats & Mice. Treatment will be in combination of different methods.

Exclusion, Sanitation, Baiting, Trapping, Repelling, Monitoring

Baiting : We use registered products only which are designed keeping human safety in mind i.e. Hit Baits (it is a single dose anticoagulant Rodenticide) Trapping: Application of Traps placed at strategic locations where rats are frequently moving

Proofing : You have to do the proofing against rodent entry as per our recommendation

Mosquito Control Services

Mosquitoes is also one of the most nuisance flying insect, which can not only cause a lot of inconvenience but also lead to serious health concerns like malaria and skin reactions from bites. Water sources are breeding grounds for these tiny deadly pests.

Fogging : Fogging treatment to be applied i.e. spreading of chemical gases homogeniously in the environment to control the adult mosquitoes. Treatment is also done on the stagnant water to control the mosquitoe's larvae, which are mainly responsible for spreading diseases. Outdoor mosquito pest control on a regular basis is also one that needs attention. Have your home, office and surroundings sealed from the mosquito problem?

Bedbug Control Services

They are parasitic insects infecting mankind for more than 3500 years. There are at least 92 known species all around the world. The most common species is lectulariusCimex, which is better adapted to human environment. Bed bugs inject their victims with their saliva, which contains a numbing agent, like Novocain. They drink until they become engorged with a person's blood - crawling away satisfied - until the next night. The bed bugs are an insect of nocturnal habits. Feeding on blood by night and hiding away in various parts of the room by day.

We specially apply the strong chemical spray direct to their harborages

Weed Control Services

Weeds are the plants, which grow where they are not wanted. They grow in the fields where they compete with crops for water, soil nutrients, light and space and thus reduce crop yields.

Harmful Effects : They harbor insect pests and micro-organism. Certain weeds release the inhibitors or poisonous substances into the soil which are harmful to the plants species and other live-stocks.

Weed Control includes the spraying of new generation Weedicide/Herbicide over the weeds (unwanted plants) growing on the land/premises.

Conckroach Control Services

Cockroaches are one of the most common household insects, found especially in Kitchen, Washroom, Elmira, Covert, Furniture, Cloths, and Paper etc. They feed on the entire food item that is consumable by human beings. Cockroaches are vectors for disease as they carry organisms on their bodies that can be potentially harmful to humans and animals. To control this pathogenic pest, we apply the gel treatment that is very effective, safe & eco-friendly in nature & there is no need to vacate your premises also.

Gel Treatment is based on the new generation chemical which is highly effective & eco-friendly and used for different types of roaches control with single feeding effect. Once the treatment is applied, its effect will last up to 2 months or until the bait is consumed or destroyed. The application will be directed to the harborages and in the area where water is not used on regular basis. It is not volatile, therefore there are not airborne active ingredients (a.i.) released.



Aluminum Phosphide, AlP reacts with water to produce phosphine, PH3. SANPHOS is formulated with 56% Min aluminum phosphide and also contains ammonium carbamate and inert ingredients. Ammonium carbamate releases ammonia and carbon dioxide which serve as a warning agent. Pure Phosphine gas is odorless; the garlic odor is due to a contaminant. Since the odor of phosphine may not be detected under some circumstances, the absence of a garlic odor does not mean that dangerous levels of hydrogen phosphide gas are absent.


Methyl bromide is very irritating to the lungs, and vapors may cause pulmonary edema and chemical pneumonitis.
Chronic exposures may result in toxicity to the kidneys and liver and blood.

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